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Journal of Advances in Education and Philosophy (JAEP)

Original Research Article

Nov. 25, 2020

Effectiveness of Character Strengths Intervention Model on Overall Academic Performance and Performance in English and Maths among Middle School Children

  Mrs. Mamatha K, Dr. Sumita Chowhan

  Page Numbers : 494-499

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.010

Original Research Article

Nov. 23, 2020

Influence of Teachers’ Assessment Competency on Pupils’ Academic Achievement in Kisumu County

  Nyanjom, Anolyce Omondi, Dr. YAMBO, J. M. O., Dr. Ongunya, Raphael, O.

  Page Numbers : 483-493

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.009

Original Research Article

Nov. 19, 2020

The Effectiveness of Parole for Prisoners during the Covid-19 Pandemic

  Margie G. Sopacua, Elsa R. M. Toule, Leony Lokollo, Yonna B. Salamor, Astuti Nur Fadillah M

  Page Numbers : 478-482

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.008

Original Research Article

Nov. 19, 2020

Educational Aspects in Efforts to Realize SDGs in Indonesia

  Husni Thamrin

  Page Numbers : 473-477

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.007

Original Research Article

Nov. 17, 2020

Inhibiting Aspects of ICT Infrastructure in Kenyan Technical Institutions for Teaching Electrical Engineering

  Mr. Solomon K. Kiplimo, Prof. Kitainge M. Kisilu, Dr. Wanami Simon, Dr. Paul Wanyeki

  Page Numbers : 469-472

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.006

Original Research Article

Nov. 17, 2020

Development of Science Learning Tools to Train Critical Thinking Skills of Junior High School Students in Static Electricity Topics

  Mutiara Havina Putri, Suryajaya, Yudha Irhasyuarna

  Page Numbers : 458-462

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.004

Original Research Article

Nov. 17, 2020

Improving 4c Skills and Student Learning Outcomes through Device Assisted Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Learning Models on Static Electricity Topics

  Juni Angkowati

  Page Numbers : 463-468

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i11.005

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