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Saudi Journal of Pathology and Microbiology (SJPM) | Volume-4-Issue-08


Review Article

Aug. 10, 2019

The Histopathological Grading Of Soft Tissue Sarcomas: A Review

  Fahd Refai

  Page Numbers : 581-585

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.2

Review Article

Aug. 10, 2019

Immunohistochemistry in the Diagnosis of Spindle Cell Lesions of the Breast: A Review

  Fahd Refai

  Page Numbers : 586-590

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.3

Case Report

Aug. 9, 2019

Primary Hydatid Cysts at Unusual Sites and Role of Serology in Diagnosis: Case Series and Review of Literature

  Debadrita Ray, Arka De

  Page Numbers : 577-580

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.1

Original Research Article

Aug. 20, 2019

Profile of Opportunistic Infections with CD4 Count in HIV Seropositive Cases at A Tertiary Care Centre

  Dr. Ravikanti, Dr. Rajeshwari K, Sunitha.B.R, Dr. G. Vishwanath

  Page Numbers : 591-597

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.4

Original Research Article

Aug. 19, 2019

Correlation of Cytology and Bacteriology of Effusions – A Diagnostic Clue

  Anupriya A, Lalithambigai J, Priya Banthavi S, Prabhusaran N, Uma A, Sarada V, Sruthi S

  Page Numbers : 598-601

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.5

Original Research Article

Aug. 25, 2019

PAP Smears and Acetic Acid Staining and Their Correlation with Histopathology – Original Research Article

  Dr. D. Santhi Kiran

  Page Numbers : 602-606

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.6

Original Research Article

Aug. 21, 2019

Study of Cytomorphological Patterns of Lymph Nodes by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Correlation with Histopathology

  Dr. M. Jyothi Swaroopa, Dr. B. Vani

  Page Numbers : 607-613

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.7

Case Report

Aug. 28, 2019

Histiocytic Sarcoma: A Very Rare Tumor in a 97 Year Old-A Case Report

  Amal Ali Hassan, Mohammad Shahid Iqbal, Aisha Tabassum, Muhammad Sayeed

  Page Numbers : 614-617

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.8

Case Report

Aug. 30, 2019

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria in Upper Respiratory Specimens: A Diagnostic Dilemma - Experience from a Clinical Referral Laboratory

  Dr. Renuka Upadhyaya, Dr. Jagadeesha M, Dr. Samith Alva

  Page Numbers : 618-620

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.9

Original Research Article

Aug. 30, 2019

Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infections among Diabetic Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre

  Dr. Katie Michelle Vasala, Dr. N. Padma Priya, Dr. P Shashikala Reddy

  Page Numbers : 621-624

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.10

Original Research Article

Aug. 30, 2019

In Vitro Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Methanol Leaf Extract and Fractions of Terminalia Catappa L

  Abubakar Muhammad Amali, Yusuf Ibrahim Alkali, Abubakar Muhammad Ramadan, Jibril Salim, Almustapha Zainab

  Page Numbers : 625-631

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.11

Original Research Article

Aug. 30, 2019

Comparative Study of Standard Loop Technique and Pour Plate Technique in Identifying Significant Bacteriuria

  S. Dhanya dedeepya, Mrs. G. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. M. Kalyani

  Page Numbers : 632-635

  DOI : 10.21276/sjpm.2019.4.8.12

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