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Scholars International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SIJOG)

Original Research Article

Nov. 16, 2022

Indication of Induction of Labor-A Hospital Based Study

  Dr. Ferdousi Begum, Dr. Nargis Sultana, Dr. Yasmin Ara Begum, Dr. Hachina Akhter, Dr. Mosammat Rehana, Dr. Karishma Sultana, Dr. Sunny Barua, Dr. Nasrin Zannat Sumi

  Page Numbers : 527-532

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i11.004

Original Research Article

Nov. 16, 2022

Correlations between Colposcopy Findings and Histopathological Results from Colposcopy Directed Biopsy in Cervical Pre-Cancerous Lesions

  Dr. Sulekha Bhattacharjee, Dr. Khadiza Begum, Dr. Supran Biswas

  Page Numbers : 533-537

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i11.005

Original Research Article

Nov. 8, 2022

Fetomaternal Outcome of Patients with Multiple Pregnancy: A Single Centre Experience

  Dr. Salma Akhter, Mohibul Islam, Latifa Zaman, SK Tasnuva Alam, Ferdous Ara Banu

  Page Numbers : 522-526

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i11.003

Original Research Article

Nov. 5, 2022

A Cross-Sectional Survey on Prevalence, Interventions, and Outcomes of Unsafe Abortions in GGH, Kadapa

  Dr. Bukkittu Ramya, Dr. B.V. Chitra Ravali, Dr. Rabbani Begum

  Page Numbers : 517-521

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i11.002

Original Research Article

Nov. 2, 2022

Analysis of Vesicovaginal Fistulas in Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical Hospital: A Two Years Study

  Dr. Umme Sayeeda Bilkish, Dr. Rabeya Begum, Dr. Suraiya Apsara, Dr. Jafrin Yasmin

  Page Numbers : 506-516

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i11.001

Original Research Article

Oct. 30, 2022

Study on Association of Serum Magnesium with Preterm Labour

  Dr. Dilruba Ferdous, Dr. Mousumi Kader, Dr. Rogina Amin, Dr. Shahana Rahman, Dr. Rabeya Sultana Jolly, Dr. Sayada Fatema khatun, Dr. Rushdana Rahman Toma, Dr. Zinat Ferdousi, Dr. Lutfa Begum Lipi

  Page Numbers : 497-505

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i10.012

Original Research Article

Oct. 30, 2022

The Role of “Uterine Artery Doppler” at 11 to 13+6 Weeks for Prediction of Preeclampsia: A Systematic Review

  Dr. Shazia Rasul, Dr. Shabnam Tahir, Dr. Miriam Illa

  Page Numbers : 488-496

  DOI : 10.36348/sijog.2022.v05i10.011

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