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Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research (SJBR) | Volume-4-Issue-03


Review Article

March 26, 2019

Clinical Applications of Lasers in the Oral Cavity

  Dr. Himani Gupta, Dr. Ishita Rathee, Dr. Rahul Vinay Chandra Tiwari, Dr. Vegunta Bhagyasree, Dr Bharti Wasan, Dr. Nelapati Haritha

  Page Numbers : 95-99

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.3

Original Research Article

March 30, 2019

Biomarkers of Myocardial Dysfunction in Children with B-Thalassemia Major: Controlled Study

  Amal Gaber Mohammed, Abeer A Elmalah, Rayyh Abdel Azeem Mohammad Saleh

  Page Numbers : 81-87

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.1

Original Research Article

March 30, 2019

Development and In-Vitro Anticancer Evaluation of Dual Loaded Nanoparticles on Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Cell line T98G

  Bindu Madhavi Boddupalli, Ramalingam Ramani, Bhrugun Anisetti, Naga Haritha Pamujula

  Page Numbers : 88-94

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.2

Original Research Article

March 30, 2019

Consumption of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Piper guineense Alters Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Wistar Rats

  Aribo EO, Udefa AL, Beshel FN

  Page Numbers : 100-104

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.4

Original Research Article

March 31, 2019

An Investigation of Gender Variation in Lip Print Pattern Distribution of Identical and Non-Identical Twins

  Peter D. Okoh, Ezon-Ebidor Innocent Edibamode, John Nwolim Paul, Adozue Chinasaokwu C. Harold

  Page Numbers : 105-109

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.5

Original Research Article

March 31, 2019

Evaluation of the Immunochromatographic Strip Method and Microscopic Method in the Identification of Malaria Parasites

  Chukwurah Ejike Felix, Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Ututu Sunday Unahci

  Page Numbers : 110-114

  DOI : 10.21276/sjbr.2019.4.3.6

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