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Journal Name:   Saudi Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SJMPS)
Abbr. Title:   Saudi J. Med. Pharm. Sci.
ISSN(Print):   2413-4929
ISSN(Online):   2413-4910
Frequency:   Monthly
Language:   English
Chief Editor:   Prof. Nasir Al Jurayyan
Publisher:   Scholars Middle East Publisher
Country of Origin:   UAE

Latest Articles

Review Article

Sept. 24, 2020

Revolutionizing Cancer Therapy with Newer Treatment Modalities: A Review

  Rana Noor, Dalvinder Singh, Subuhi Yasmeen

  Page Numbers : 605-609

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i09.003

Original Research Article

Sept. 19, 2020

High Schools and University Female Students Knowledge and Attitudes towards Medication Use during Exams in Taif City, Saudi Arabia

  Badraddin M. Al-Hadiya, Majed M. AlRobaian, Kholoud M. Alzahrani, Arwa S. Altalhi, Nada A. Albradi, Afrah F. Alzahrani, Elham A. alsherbi

  Page Numbers : 594-604

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i09.002

Original Research Article

Sept. 9, 2020

Rifampicin as Potent Inhibitor of COVID - 19 Main Protease: In-Silico Docking Approach

  Himesh Soni, Dr. V.K. Gautam, Sarvesh Sharma, Jitender K Malik

  Page Numbers : 588-593

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i09.001

Case Report

Aug. 30, 2020

Ventricular Septal Rupture Complicating Acute Myocardial Infarction: Rare and Fatal

  Ait Kajate Oussama, Balouk Ramiz, Zaimi Achraf, Lakhal Zouhair, Atif Benyas

  Page Numbers : 581-584

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i08.010

Case Report

Aug. 30, 2020

Marfan Syndrome: When A Consultation for Foot Deformities Results in Cardiac Surgery

  Ait Malek S, El Bouchti I

  Page Numbers : 585-587

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i08.011

Original Research Article

Aug. 29, 2020

Cataract Surgery Outcome in Relation to Posterior Capsular Rupture; A Retrospective Study

  Dr. Ali A Taqi Al-Saffar, Dr. Shilan Salih Hama

  Page Numbers : 570-580

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i08.009

Case Report

Aug. 29, 2020

Sebaceous Carcinoma of Eyelid: Case Report

  Karmoun S, Amhoud K, Belaydi W, Elmarzouqi B, Elhassan A, Berraho A

  Page Numbers : 567-569

  DOI : 10.36348/sjmps.2020.v06i08.008

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