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Journal Name:   Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research (SJBR)
Abbr. Title:   Saudi J. Biomed. Res.
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ISSN(Online):   2518-3222
Frequency:   Monthly
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Chief Editor:   Mosab Nouraldein Mohm. Hamad
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Latest Articles

Review Article

June 26, 2020

Life Style Guideline of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) as Prophylaxis and Treatment for Coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2) Infection (COVID-19)

  Mamoun Magzoub

  Page Numbers : 125-127

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.006

Original Research Article

June 26, 2020

Molecular Characterization of Human Rotavirus Strains Circulating Among Children Less Than 5 Years Attended With Diarrhea to Mohammed Alamin Hamid Pediatric Hospital, Khartoum

  Waseem Sameer Kwami, Shamsoun Khamis Kafi, Mahdi Hassan Mahmoud, Abdul Hakam Hassan Aldigeal, Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad

  Page Numbers : 118-124

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.005

Review Article

June 26, 2020

In Situ Monitoring of Ritonavir Protective and Therapeutic Influence as a Potent Drug on Coronavirus Disease–2019 (COVID–19) Infection by Attenuated Total Reflectance–Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR–FTIR Fingerprint) Biospectroscopy

  Alireza Heidari

  Page Numbers : 128-151

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.007

Original Research Article

June 26, 2020

A Stimulated FT–IR Biospectroscopic Study of Ritonavir Protective and Therapeutic Effect as a Potent Drug on Coronavirus Disease–2019 (COVID–19) Infection

  Alireza Heidari

  Page Numbers : 152-174

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.008

Original Research Article

June 14, 2020

Hepatoprotective Effect of Azadirachta indica Leaf Fractionated Extracts against Snake Venom Toxicity on Albino Rats

  Ibrahim Sani, Rabi’u Aliyu Umar, Sanusi Wara Hassan, Umar Zaki Faruq, Fatima Bello, Habiba Aminu, Amina Sulaiman

  Page Numbers : 112-117

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.004

Case Report

June 12, 2020

The Causes of Malaysian and Indonesian Pilgrims’ Hospitalization during the Hajj Season 1440 (2019) in Mena and Arafat Hospitals

  Prof. Dr. Sharifah Ezat Wan Puteh, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Salem, Najibah Ali Radwan, Siti Dahliah Ahmad Zannah

  Page Numbers : 98-111

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.003

Case Report

June 11, 2020

Ocular signs in Fabry Disease Case Report

  Mehdi Khamaily, Joumany Brahim Salem, Imane Tarib, Dahi Sidi, Salma Bajjouk, Rachid Zerrouk, Yassine Mouzari, Fouad El Asri, Karim Reda, Abdelbarre Oubaaz

  Page Numbers : 96-97

  DOI : 10.36348/sjbr.2020.v05i06.002

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