Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJEAT) | Volume-2;-Issue-09


Original Research Article

Sept. 30, 2017

Evaluation of the Reliability, Resilience and Vulnerability of Jebba Hydropower Reservoir Operation, Nigeria

  B.F. Sule, M. Surajudeen

  Page Numbers : 315-323

  DOI : 10.21276/sjeat.2017.2.9.1

Original Research Article

Sept. 30, 2017

Sustainability of Groundwater for Domestic Uses in Rural Communities of Kogi State, Nigeria

  B. F. Sule, S. E. Ayenigba

  Page Numbers : 324-334

  DOI : 10.21276/sjeat.2017.2.9.2

Review Article

Sept. 30, 2017

The impact of natural gas addition to liquefied petroleum gas on the carbon monoxide emitted from a spark ignition engine

  Khalid S Reza, Wahab K Ahmed, Eiman A. E. Sheet

  Page Numbers : 335-341

  DOI : 10.21276/sjeat.2017.2.9.3

Original Research Article

Sept. 30, 2017

Natural Radioactivity Concentration and Radiological Assessment in Soil Samples Around Abu Jubayha, Eastern Nuba Mountain

  Nooreldin Fadol, Osman Beelly, Mobark Tagabo

  Page Numbers : 342-348

  DOI : 10.21276/sjeat.2017.2.9.4

Original Research Article

Sept. 30, 2017

A Study on Bingham Plastic Characteristics of blood flow through multiple overlapped stenosed arteries

  Saktipada Nanda, B. Basu Mallik, Santanu Das, Shyam Sundar Chatterjee, Sayudh Ghosh, Shibaprasad Bhattacharya

  Page Numbers : 349-357

  DOI : 10.21276/sjeat.2017.2.9.5

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