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Journal Name:   Journal of Advances in Education and Philosophy (JAEP)
Abbr. Title:   J Adv Educ Philos
ISSN(Print):   2523-2665
ISSN(Online):   2523-2223
Frequency:   Monthly
Language:   English
Chief Editor:   Dr. Sarfraz Aslam
Publisher:   Scholars Middle East Publisher
Country of Origin:   UAE

Latest Articles

Original Research Article

July 28, 2020

The Impact of the Social Media on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Benin Metropolis

  Imasuen Kennedy

  Page Numbers : 334-343

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i07.005

Review Article

July 12, 2020

The Issue of the Happiness of Human in the “Principles of Philosophy of the Future” of Ludwig Feuerbach

  Nguyen Thi Cam Tu

  Page Numbers : 329-333

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i07.004

Original Research Article

July 12, 2020

Ho Chi Minh’s thought on Foreign and Its Implications for Vietnam’s Foreign Policy Today

  Huynh Tuan Linh

  Page Numbers : 324-328

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i07.003

Review Article

July 8, 2020

Exploring Writing Instruction in New Media Communication Context from the Perspectives of Multiliteracies Framework

  Zhang Ying

  Page Numbers : 318-323

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i07.002

Original Research Article

July 5, 2020

The Relationship between Economic Development and Environmental Issues

  Dang Hoang Vu

  Page Numbers : 313-317

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i07.001

Review Article

June 28, 2020

Career Management for Educational Organization Success; the Human Resources Perspectives

  Obeta Mark Uchejeso, Jacqueline Cotton Baguma, Eze Maria Egodi

  Page Numbers : 306-312

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i06.011

Original Research Article

June 26, 2020

Assessing Small-Scale Farmers’ Attitudes, Practices and Vulnerability to Pesticides Use in Market Gardening Crops in M’muockngie (South Western Cameroon)

  Efuetlancha Ernest Nkemleke

  Page Numbers : 295-305

  DOI : 10.36348/jaep.2020.v04i06.010

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